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Fifthe heaven theological Society opend its hart and doors..



launched  Fifthheaven


We Are a Society of Earth, and a ministry of god in the univers.

word “minister” means servant.

A ministry is a group of servants.

  • Servants of God first.
  • Servants to our fellow man.
  • Servants to the planet and all life.

    5th heaven

For nearly two centuries  World-Class

Engineers/Scientists/Servants of God and Humanity have been working as God leads to introduce new technologies for facilitating massive changes in how we live (world improvement.) we have been helping our Earth by encouraging spiritual growth of the masses, and by introducing advanced technology solutions to the people.


We are all One.

Spiritualism is inherent within all of us, and since the dawn of time, we have ALL known it.

Through countless different cultures and different methods, we have ALL, in our own way,

honoured the greatest gift we could have ever been given:    LIFE.

So doesn’t it seem strange that through history, though we have ALL been striving for the same basics,

(nourishment, shelter, community, spirituality)

so many lives have been lost , so many families have been torn apart, and whole empires have fallen due to differences in religion?

It doesn’t matter the language, the dialect, the customs; 

We are ALL children of the Universe, and we ALL have a right to be here!

Whether you perceive the Spirit to be God, the Father, whether you perceive it as a nameless light, or you refer to it as The Source, or Allah, or Buddha, or the space in-between space and whether you believe in the balance of the Tao or only in the science you can see and prove— the age we are living in now has no room for wars over ideology. There is only room for conscious expansion.

NOW is the time to Awaken; NOW is the time to see that at our very core, WE ARE ALL ONE!

We are a WHOLE, and we are ALL connected. 

Did you ever wonder why science and religion could never agree? Well, what would you say if I told you They Do!?


So, what is our Vision?

Our Vision is a United World; a United Universe!

A place where all the old division lines are dissolved and we are all free to nurture the mind, body and soul of each living thing here. For when we start functioning as a whole; we create healthy people and a healthy planet! At that point, not even the sky is the limit! The exponential Universe has NO limit!

Many people throughout all ages have had this Vision, and NOW more than ever is the time to make it a Reality! So if you share this Hope; please join our online community and just as droplets of water together can form an ocean; we as individuals together can make waves!

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If you feel moved to, we would be very grateful to accept help by Granting Your Blessing of our Society.

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