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  • Drial: Guardian Over the Fifth Heaven.

  • Was born from rose quarts mass 4x the size he is now (12.55kg) in the area of Minas Gerais. Hand carved by a highly skilled artist that understands how not to fracture the crystal when carving it. The artist uses minimal techniques not using many power tools to create the beautiful crystal skull which he named Drial after an angel that is the Guardian Over the 5th Heaven. Drial is from an area on earth that is a high mountain plateau that is vary powerful area said to be connected with Atlantis lots of crystalline energy in this area. He is connected with the race of giants that are the guardians and keepers of the energy grids of earth. Drail has an octagram (eight sided star) in his third eye that can be seen in direct sun light. The idea behind his creation is to put a cosmic log into the akashic records. He is the angel that guards over the palace of Moan in the 5th heaven. He also is vary strongly connected to the Qabalah, empowering your will and strength allowing for the discovery of the mysteries of power and the use of Martian energies invoking purposeful change; awakening inner and outer strength. His chakra correspondence is anahata/ the heart energies.

  • dial

    Seven Heavens is a part of religious cosmology found in many major religions such as Islam, Judaism and Hinduism and in some minor religions such as Hermeticism and Gnosticism. The Throne of God is said to be above the seventh heaven in Abrahamic religions.

    It is believed that the origin of this goes back to astrology. Ancient astrologists could identify seven great heavenly objects and assumed each was floating in a separate heaven. The number 7 in Biblical references symbolically represented perfect completion, as in the seven-day week, the seven eyes and horns seen on the Lamb of God in The Book of Revelation, and the seventh in the generations of Adam: Lamech who was completely wicked, and Enoch who walked with God.[1] Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir stated in his Tafsir that the seven heavens contained the moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in that order[citation needed], confirming the origin of the belief. The number also has a significance in Quranic numerology.

    5th heaven

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